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About Us


Profeshie is the answer to the complicated and expensive world of professional photography for more casual consumption. Everyone wants beautiful content to share on social media, but it is difficult to find a photographer that is reasonably priced, easy to book, and has a quick turnaround of your content. Meet Profeshie: The professional answer to your mirror selfie with high quality photos with beautiful backdrops and lighting.

A digital life as beautiful as our physical one

Our lives are becoming increasingly digital, and we are here to ensure you look as good in a picture as you do in person. Whether that be on social media, at work, or just for yourself, our team is passionate about creating energizing and values-led photoshoots that will leave you proud to share your images.

Our Team

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Our Vision

To see people profoundly connecting with each other in the digital and physical world

Connection is the basis for so much of our lives. Our relationships operate as a jumping off point for exploration and a safe retreat to come back to. The depths of our connection exponentially adds to our lives and photography brings an opportunity to create, cherish, and share those memories.

Our values

Creativity expands people’s minds and allows them to express themselves. In embracing their unique attributes, people are able to open up to experiencing the world in new ways. And photography has the power of capturing and celebrating the subject’s truest expressions. We strive to make everyone feel embraced and included in our space by creating a vibrant and fun experience for all who work with us.

Create & Share

We bring a unique and refreshing perspective to the experience of a professional photoshoot. Whether you are looking for a headshot for your professional media or for social media, our services will leave you proud to share the images of yourself on any digital platform.